American Old Time Song Lyrics: 25 Teddy Regans Swarie

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 25

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You have heard of Teddy Regan,
How he won his Winnie fair,
And her fortune, fifty guineas,
Set them up in business rare.
For they crossed the briny ocean
To deal out the whiskey swate,
At the famed Hotel d'lrish,
Down in lovely Baxter strate.

Fal de ral de ral de rady,
Fal de ral de ral de r,
Fal de ral de rol de rady,
Fal de ral de ral de ra.

Things kept working brave and hearty-
Proving money makes the man-
Till the Dimycrathic party
Put up Ted for alderman.
Misther Regan felt the honor
With a relish of delight,
And resolved to give a swarie
When it was election night.-Chorus.

With the strongest kind of welcomes
Rue de Baxter did abound,
For throughout that lovely section
Dimycrats are aisy found.
There was Levi, the old clo' man,
Smelling like the days of yore:
And McTurk, a fine dead rabbit.
True and honest to the core.-Chorus.

Dau McCraisy, licensed vender.
In the clam and porgey line;
Count Muffini, whose hand organ
Always ground the music flue.
While, like Hector, that bould Trojan,
When he fought at Bunker Hill,
Mackerelville was represented
By the buffer, Wall-Eyed Bill.-Chorus.

Then came in stout Dennis Murphy,
A very dacent soap-fat man;
While Myneer Van Pat McFadden
Drove up in his garbage van.
Teddy gave them lots of welcome,
And the pipes began to play
Tunes to set a milestone dancing
Lillieburo and Patrick's Day.- Chorus.

Soon the whiskey done its duty-
Wall-Eyed Bill began the job,
And with his blackthorn shillelagh,
Split old Levi on the nob.
Dan McCraisy belted Murphy,
Laid him stiffer than a log,
'Cause he couldn't else convince him
There was feathers on a frog.-Chorus.

Soon they knocked the bar to splinters,
Kicked the panels from the door,
For it was a splendid swarie
While the whiskey flowed galore.
Teddy, when the row was thickest,

With the poker got a clout,
By the howly mille murther,
Banged his siven sinses out.-Chorus.

Ted was dead as Julius Caesar
When the row was ended quite,
And a dacent wake they gave him
On his own election night.
And poor Winnie left a widdy,
Says she's doing very well-
And though Ted was hunkey dorey,
He couldn't keep a hotel.-Chorus.
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