American Old Time Song Lyrics: 23 Doncherknow

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 23

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Copyright, 1886, by M. Witmark & Son.
Words by H. W. Emmet. Music by Isidor Witmark.

Oh, the latest thing from England is this doncherknow!
To a chappie who Is happy it is bliss, doncherknow!
To impress upon a feller or to meet a girl and tell her
That there's nothing could be sweller, doncherknow!

How dy'e do doncherknow! same to you, doncherknow!
When it's dark, ev'ry spark has a lark, doncherknow!
For you only want to waddle with no brains in your noddle,
And you'll catch the girls who toddle, doncherknow! doncherknow!

When a chappie's starting out to paint the town, doncherknow!
And a p'liceman's club gently lays him down, doncherknow!
Then his head out swells his collars and they fine him twenty dollars,
In his rage he only hollers, doucherknow!

How dy'e do? doncherknow! same to you, doncherknow!
Get run in, call it sin, have to grin, doncherknow!
If you can't drink whiskey sourlah, without turning out a howlah.
You had better work the growlah, doncherknow! doncherknow!

When a fellah's got a proper sort of mash, doncherknow!
It is sure to play the devil with his cash, doncherknow!
It's a case of buy ice cream, or far away with love's young dream,
Or breach of promise soon is seen, or doncherknow!

How dy'e do? doncherknow! same to you, doncherknow!
Gives you rope, till her hope is all soap doncherknow!
For there's no more silly flirtin' when your love you've been assertin'
For the judge won't drop the curtain, doncherknow! doncherknow!

When a fellow has a wife and infant twins, doncherknow!
And at midnight such a holy row begins, doncherknow!
When the babies all want candy, cause the bottle isn't handy,
And your mother-in-law's a dandy, doncherknow!

How dy'e do? doncherknow! same to you, doncherknow'!
All your sleep has to keep, while they weep, doncherknow!
In your arms the kids are qualking, while your mother-in-law keeps talking.
Till your feet are sore with walking, doncherknow! doncherknow!
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