American Old Time Song Lyrics: 21 On Board The Mary Jane

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 21

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He-I'm going away to leave you, dear,
I'm going on to sea;
She-Now don't say so, my Johnny dear,
What will become of me?
He-You know I love your darling face,
But I must tell you plain,
I'm off to sea as the captain bold
On board the Mary Jane.

Both-On board the Mary Jane,
On board the Mary Jane,
I've fixed it right, I sleep to-night
On board the Mary Jane.

He-Here's a lock of hair, you can have it made
Into a fine gold chain;
She-Oh! Jack, don't court another girl
When you are on the main;
He-Now here's some chewing gum for you,
And to chew it find the knack, oh!
She-But, Jack, when you come home from sea,
Mind bring back some tobacco.-Chorus.

She-Here's a needle, Jack, to mend your pants,
Here's a thimble with a hole;
Jack, what's the cargo on board your ship?
He- Oh! a great big lump of coal,
Two harpanites and a few chestnuts;
She- It's a large ship, that's quite plain;
He-Yes, I'm the captain, mate and chief bone polisher
On board the Mary Jane.-Chorus.

He-Well, I must leave you, darling dear,
And leave my native shore;
She-Will the voyage take long?
He- An hour love, or, perhaps a quarter more,
Do you think you can keep true all that while?
Bm- So help me, Bob, I'll try,
He-That's a put up job,
She- What?
He-Why, so help me, Bob,
And I'll just show you why.

Spoken-I don't want any Bob to be helping you while I'm on
my dangerous voyage to Brooklyn. I want you to be ter-ruc to
your Jack, your everlasting Jack.
She-And so I will be, Jack, only don't be away more than an
hour or so; you can't tell what may happen while you're-Chorus.
He-I don't want any Bob to be helping you while I'm on the
raging sea, going to Brooklyn and other wild parts. No, I want
you to be true to your Jack in blue, your seafaring Jack, your
navigating Jack, your tarpaulin Jack, your everlasting Jack.
On, see! she starts.
She-Oh, Jack, I'll be true for an hour or two; only I'm told
you sailors bold, when you go on shore, you find a drug store And
quickly at once you get brisky, with drink you get insaue, can't tell
Mary from Jane, you dress up quite spruce, go the whole hog, (
little boys flog, and then into their eyes squirt tobacco juice, and
then swear it's all through the bad whiskey. Now, Jack, don't
do that, now look sharp, Jack; come, I say, and bring home lots
of pay, And I'll be waiting for you.-Chorus.
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