American Old Time Song Lyrics: 20 The Boys Of The Bowery Pit

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 20

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The Boys of the Bowery Pit.
Tune- "The Newsboys."

I am sitting In the Bowery pit amongst the gallus boys,
Seeing the play go off and listening to the noise;
The hi-hies and the whittling, an earthquake nothing to it.
For kicking up a thundering din. they're the boys to do it.

The newsboys they're a gallus crowd, as I will let you know.
They go to the Bowery pit for to see the show.

When Cony with his dog comes on you ought to hear the cry.
And when the dog gets wounded and makes believe to die;
When Taylor comes with sword in hand, he and Cony fight.
The heart of all the gallus boys are brimful of delight.- Chorus.

But presently the actors are seen looking at the wings,
As if they were watching for somebody or some things;
The gallus boys are wide awake, they know what's a coming now,
For J. R. Scott is coming, and then there's such a row.-Chorus.

Oh. if you want to see some fun go to the Bowery pit,
Especially on some night there is a benefit;
And I'll be bound that you will think, amid the din and noise,
That they are gallus bloods indeed, and nothing but the boys.-Chorus.
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