American Old Time Song Lyrics: 17 American Drinks

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 17

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The other night I'd been indulging-
Which I own is very silly-
And to rouse me up a little,
I began to think
I'd turn into the Cafe Riche,
Which, you know, is in Piccadilly,
And refresh my noble self
With something cool to drink.
Behind the bar, presiding.
Was a young And lovely maid;
I gracefully walked up to her,
And this is what I said:
"An American refresher
For myself I do intend;
Asyou know what is best, my dear,
"What would you recommend?"

A Stonefence, a Rattlesnake,
A Renovator, Locomotive,
Pick-me-up, or Private Smile,
By Jove! is worth a fiver-
A Colleen Baton, a Lady's Blush,
A Cocktail, or a Flash of Lightning,
Juleps, Smashes, Sangarees,
Or else a Corpse Reviver.

"Well, really now you seem so bad,
Your looks I am commiserating,
Sir, " said she, "but let me see-
I must have time to think."
She appeared so lovely,
So bewitching and so captivating;
"Any thing you may make, " saw I,
"My darling, I shall drink."
When, for some seconds more or less,
This charming girl had stood,
Said she: "I think an Eye-Opener, my dear,
Would do you good;
You're queer about the optics,
And you're husky in the voice;
But there's a card with list of drinks,
And from it take your choice. " -Chorus.

Said I: "A Private Smile from you
Is really quite as sweet as honey,
And a Lady's Blush is more becoming
Than a frown;
A Pick-me-up is very nice, and,
Made by you, worth any money­I'd enjoy a Pick-me-up,
If you would Knock-me-down."
Said she: "Oh! come, now that's enough, sir
You're inclined to rave,
I wish you would be quick and tell me
What you are going to have?"
Said I: "How can I choose, my dear,
From such a splendid lot?
I can't make up my mind,
So I'll have everything you've got. " -Chorus.

Said she: "Now, don't be stupid.
For to take them all would be such folly-
One or two I'd recommend.
But, pray don't take the lot;

For, as all the drinks are iced, sir,
The result would be most melancholy,
I am very certain you would
Freeze upon the spot."
Said I: "I wouldn't care a pin,
I think it rather nice,
A Smile from you, I'm very sure,
Would quickly melt the ice;
And as I must make up my mind,
My choice at once I'll take:
Indulge me, please, by mixing
A luxurious Rattlesnake. " -Chorus
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