American Old Time Song Lyrics: 15 Before And After Marriage

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 15

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Before and After Marriage.

"What, off once more! well, I declare,
You never stay at home;
For me you can but little care,
I'm left so oft alone."

'Tis business, dear, that calls me out,
I must attend to that,
So do not, love, pray, do not pout,
But give me up my hat."

"O! bus'ness ne'er can call you out
So often, and so long;
I do believe, without a doubt,
That something must be wrong."

"You must misjudge-indeed you do
My meaning and design;
My love for you is strong and true,
But bus'ness claims my time."

"O, would that I was once more free,
I'd keep a single life;
And never wish again to be
A poor deluded wife."

"My life,-my love-my fairest one,
Pray let your rancor cease;
You make me anxious to be gone,
That I may be at peace."

"O! yes,-make haste,-I plainly see
Your strong desire to go;
It is not as it used to be:
Your growing cold, I know."

"Come, come, dear wife, let's have no more,
I am not growing cold:
Aside, and let me open the door,-
Now pray leave go your hold."

"How very different now it seems,
How proud you used to be,
If you could get, by any means,
To sit and chat with met"

"And so I am. my dearest, now;
But, as I said before,
'Tis bus'ness calls me out,-I vow
You're getting quite a bore!"

"O. certainly a bore!-No doubt,
'Tis bus'ness tills your mind;
From morn 'till night you're always out.
But wife is left behind."

"You surely cannot always want
Me dangling by your side;
I love as much,-depend upon't,
As ere you were my bride."

"You do! then say without delay.
Why you appear so strange;
Have I e'er vex'd you? tell me, pray.
For surely there's a change."

"I never change, although the times
Are chang'd, I do confess;
I ever strive, by looks and signs,
To show my tenderness."

"Well, here's your hat,-I do agree.
Henceforth you may go out;-
That is, if you will promise me
To mind what you're about."

"I thank you, wife,-but listen, pray,
The truth must come at last:
I sought you once, I'm bold to say,
But now I have you fast."

"Well, husband, dear! let discord cease-
No more each one annoy;
In future we will live in peace,
And love without alloy."

"Foul jealousy, get thee away,
And let us drown all sorrow,-
Live every day that so we may
Be happy on the morrow."
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