American Old Time Song Lyrics: 13 Dunderbecks Machine

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 13

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Tune- "Thomas's Machine."

Oh Dere vas a good old German man,
His name vas Dunderbeck,
He vas very fond of poodle dogs,
Und sour krout und spec;
He had a great big butcher shop,
Der nicest ever seen,
He got him out a patent, boys,
To make sausages by steam.

Den, oh, Mister Dunderbeck,
How could you be so mean?
You vas sorry you invented
Dat wonderful machine.
Den pussy cats and long tail rats,
No more dey will be seen;
You grind dem up to sausage meat
By Dunderbeck's machine.

De onner day a little boy,
He come into de store,
He vant a pound of head cheese,
Dat vas valking 'round de floor.
Und while he vas standing dere
He vhistled up a tune,
Dem sausages begin to dance
Und jump around de room.-Chorus.

Now something vas de matter,
Dat machine it wouldn't go,
So Dunderbeck he crawled inside
To find dat out, you know.
His wife she took de nightmare,
Und vent valking in her sleep,
She gave dat crank one awful yank,
Und Dunderbeck vas meat.-Chorus.
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