American Old Time Song Lyrics: 12 The Cove Vot Spouts

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 12

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I will tell you in my song
What happened the other night;
Not detain you long,
And in that you will say I am right
My name is no matter what,
And I don't live hereabouts;
But I am welcome everywhere,
For I am the cove vot spouts.
Ri tu ral lu ral lu ral le, &c.

At the theatre the other night,
Ned Forrest "Richard "played;
"Down, down to hell, " he cried,
Poot Harry soon gave away.
That night I got so drunk,
In a tavern I let out;
"Give me another horse, bind-"
Like Richard I did spout.
Ri tu ral lu ral lu ral le, &c.

A watchman took me up,
To the station house he led,
And in a dirty cell
Made me sleep without a bed.
In a frenzy I arose,
Seized another by the snout;
"Give me my pound of flesh-"
Like Shylock I did spout.
Ri tu ral lu ral lu ral le, &c.

"Oh, murder, help! " he cried,
The people flocked around,
But I was remorseless,
And stuck up for my pound.
The policemen they ran in,
While the blood from his snont ran out;
"Blood, blood, Iago!-"
Like Othello I did spout.
Ri tu ral lu ral lu ral le, &c.

A policeman collared me,
The nose I had to quit,
But soon I turned on him,
And between the eyes I hit
With such a murderous whack,
It made him roar and shout.
"Come on, come on, Macduff-"
Like Macbeth I did spout.
Ri tu ral lu ral lu ral le, &c.

"Oh, murder, help! "he cried,
The policemen in did pour,
And in a combined attack,
Got me down upon the floor.
Said they, we've got you now,
And you'll suffer, too, no doubt.
"Lay me in the grave with Juliet-"
Like Romeo I did spout.
Ri tu ral lu ral lu ral le, &c.

Next morning before the mayor
They took me to be tried,
And there, with look severe,
Me, his honor quickly eyed.
Said he, pray, who are you,

That dare kick up such a rout?
"I am thy father's ghost-"
From Hamlet I did spout.
Ri tu ral lu ral lu ral le, &c.

The people laughed at me,
His Honor looked amazed;
My father's ghost, said he,
Why the man is surely crazed;
For three months lock him up,
It's not safe to let him out.
They gave me thirty-one days below,
For showing them how to spout.
Ri tu ral lu ral lu ral le, &c.
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