American Old Time Song Lyrics: 10 Sullivan And Ryan

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 10

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By J. F. McDennott, of Scranton, Pa.

Yon sporting men, I pray attend to what I'm going to sing,
It's of the deeds of two brave men, two champions of the ring,
Who met and fought for wealth and fame on their banners to enshrine,
Their names I'm sure you all have heard, are Sullivan and Ryan.

'Twae to Mississippi City, near the Gulf of Mexico,
On the seventh of February, eighty-two, they with their friends did go;
And having staked the battle ground and named the referee,
They quickly stepped into the ring and" shook hands right cordially.

When time was called for the first round they both came up in style,
Though Ryan's face had a careworn look, while Sullivan's wore a smile,
Each missed his mark the first two blows, then Sullivan gaining ground,
With a fearful blow on Ryan's neck, brought the Trojan champion down.

In the second round blows were exchanged and then they clinched and fell,
With Ryan on top of Sullivan, which his friends cheered long and well;
In the third, Ryan led off with his left, but was met by such a blow
From Sullivan's right square in the face that again he was laid low

In the fourth each still defiant came to the scratch on time,
Then Sullivan struck two stunning blows upon the jaw of Ryan;
Then heavy slugging on both sides until a cheer arose,
As Ryan went heavily to the ground bleeding from mouth and nose.

The fifth round was a wrestling match, in which Ryan again was thrown;
In the sixth each missed his left hand blow, but both their rights went home; f
Ryan went down upon his knees, while Sullivan checked his blow.
And saved a foul which, had he struck, would've proved his overthrow.

As Ryan got up, again they clinched and at the slugging went,
Till once again he was knocked down and to his corner sent;
The seventh round was much the same, though Paddy with a smile,
Got in a blow on Sullivan's chin that dazed him for awhile.

Round the eighth was give and take, Ryan fighting with new life,
While Sullivan showed no mercy, seeming bound to end the strife;
A heavy blow on Ryan's jaw again soon sent him down.
Then a cheer went up for the Boston boy, that could be heard for miles around.

When they met the ninth time at the scratch their strength was going fast,
They tumbled at each other, though determined to the last,
Till another blow upon the jaw brave Ryan seemed to stun,
His seconds then threw up the sponge, the battle was lost and won.

Poor Ryan was sorely punished, while Sullivan's wounds were slight,
And all declared who saw the mill 'twas a fierce determined fight;
They fought nine rounds right manfully in eleven minutes time,
So ended this great battle between Sullivan and Ryan.
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