American Old Time Song Lyrics: 10 Good Evening

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 10

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I had been dining rather late,
The fact I think it best to state,
As I strolled out without a mate,
One very pleasant evening.
On fancy beats my steps were led,
As onward through the (streets I strayed,
A lovely figure I saw ahead,
Walked past and said: " Good-evening."

I felt a disappointed dunce.
Not a word she answered in response,
Though I repeated more than once:
"Good-evening, Miss, good-evening."
At length she turned her head this way-
And you can judge of my dismay-
She was fifty-five if she was a day-
And of course I add: " Good-evening."

My disappointment made me queer,
I stepped into an ale-house near.
Addressed the bar-maid thus: " My dear,
A glass of ale-good-evening."
"With sparkling eyes she an ale soon served-
What is it makes me so unnerved?
Close standing by me I observed
My tailor: sir! good-evening.
Spoken.-How do you do, sir? I am always happy to see my
tailor, especially when I don't owe him anything. Good-evening,
sir, good-evening!

His presence spoiled my wish to stay,
I reached the door, then heard her say:
"Please pay before you go away,
Ten cents, sir, then good-evening."
"Pray, pardon, Miss, I beg of you,
I quite forgot." (and that was true,)
The tailor says: " You often do;
Good-evening, Snooze, good evening."

I felt a blush come o'er my face,
At such a crowd and such" disgrace;
They shouted as I left the place:
"Good-evening, Snooze, good-evening."
Policeman Jones, outside the door.
Increased my misery more and more;
He says: " I've watched your little game before,
Get "out of my beat-good-evening."

I left his beat, it did not suit,
To argue with the stupid brute.
Or hear him make me that salute:
"Good-evening, Snooze, good-evening."
Into a lane I made a dive,
A fresh street reached more dead than alive;
And there met Miss Fifty-five,
Who simpered out: "Good-evening, Johnny, good-evening."

I hired a hack myself to save,
And handsome to him did behave;
Two fares for one I did him give,
On that unlucky evening.
When I found out what I had done,
I turned and found the cab had gone;
But I'll not forget the driver's tone.
As he remarked: "Good-evening, sir, good-evening."

But strange things happen for the best,
If you're amused I'll waive the rest;
Like the backman you'll enjoy the jest
At my expense this evening.
But luckily he's left me here,
This place" where I have naught to fear;
So with kind regards to all friends here,
I beg to say: " Good-evening."
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