American Old Time Song Lyrics: 09 Down Went The Captain

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 9

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Now once there was a maiden fair who went on board a ship.
Her medical adviser said she ought to take a trip;
For such a fatal beauty she'd unfortunately got.
All those who chanced to look at Kate were mashed upon the spot;
She was followed by a multitude, and lovers by the score.
Who threw a million kisses as the vessel left the shore;
"I'm safe," she said, but looking round, her mind was ill at ease.
There was the captain and his merry crew all down upon their knees.

Down went the captain, down went the crew,
The first mate, the second mate, the little middies, too;
Down went the bo'sn and swore his love was true.
But she couldn't have 'em all, and so what was the gal to do*

Poor Katie laughed, and then she cried : " If I had known before.
You sailors were such warm uns I would not have left the shore;
Get up, you fools, from off your knees, and please to understand.
It's not to any sailor that I wish to give my hand."
Then the skipper turned his quid and said: " That tale's all very fine,
I'll sail the blooming ship about 'till you promise to be mine."
Then Katie turned her nose up, and she snapped her fingers so.
Then down she went and hid herself in the bunkers right below.-Chorus.

They found out Katie's hiding place, the poor deluded souls.
She listened to their loving tales whilst perched upon the coals;
They knelt upon the nubbly ones, and flopped about the floor,
Till a card with "Standing Room Only " was tacked upon the door;
The ship was left to steer herself, so fearful of a wreck,
Poor Katie made a sudden dash and rushed upon the deck ;
They chased her round and round until the gal was fit to drop,
When, like a cat, she made a run into the mizzen top.-Chorus.

Right clean into the mizzen top they followed her in crowds.
They stood upon the rattlings, and they hung about the shrouds ;
Says the skipper : " Will you have me? See, it's coming on to rain."
She ejaculated : " No, you cad ! " then down she came again.
Her life was one long walking match, no matter where she went.
The crew were soon upon her track, like hounds upon the scent;
She'd learnt to swim a little, and her heart for freedom thumped.
So she gaily mounted on the stern and overboard she jumped-Chorus.

The latest heard of Kate was, she was leading by a mile.
The skipper and his spooney crew were swimming single file ;
They were so very amorous, their passion was so hot.
For miles their bodies made the sea boil over like a pot.
There's a little moral to my song, which I pray you don't ignore,
Pretty girls, don't go to sea, you're safer here ashore ;
For if Kate goes down to Davy Jones, then history will tell
How the spooney captain and his crew went after her as well-Chorus.
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