American Old Time Song Lyrics: 06 The Man That Stole The Country

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 6

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The Man that Stole the Country.
Sung by Murphy and Mack

We'll tell you of a terrible thief.
Who for stealing things could not be beat,
He'd eveu steal the grub he'd eat,
The man that stole the country.
In his sleep he'd dream of what he'd done,
And when he'd awake, the son of a gun.
He'd get up and go out and steal for fun,
The man that stole the country.

He stole a horse, he stole a cow,
A stack of hay and a cast iron-plow;
He swiped a dog most dead with old age,
A whole row of footlights off from the stage;
Last night he came in this very place,
And took the nose right off a man's face:
All kinds of fish, from a whale to a perch,
Even the steeple from Trinity Church,
A pile of timber, a liberty pole,
Stewart's body he must have stole;
He was bred of a family of very bad rank,
He stole all the bonds in the Manhattan Bank;
The Elevated Road he would have got
If it hadn't been riveted to the spot;
He'd steal the tongue out of your mouth
While you would be talking;
He stole the shoes off O'Leary
While he was a walking;
He stole a mule that was dying with cramps,
Then went out West and collared all tramps
Into a shop and sneaked out the boss.
Over to Philadelphia and nipped Charlie Ross-
In Gilmore's Garden he collared the track,
He even tried to steal Murphy and Mack,
And still he wasn't satisfied,
The man that stole the country.

To Blackwell's Island he was sent,
And life-time given to repent,
For things he'd done with bad intent,
The man that stole the country.
But the villain he was very bold,
And prison walls could not him hold;
And he's around again, so we're told,
The man that stole the country

A pair of boots, a tub and a saw,
The wonderful man with the cast iron jaw
A full brass band, and a new piano,
The ballot boxes in Louisiana;
President Hayes' ulster and beaver,
Went to New Orleans and took the fever;
Came to New York to steal the Hell Gate,
And he'd had it, too, if he hadn't been late;

He stole a whole gang that were out on a lark,
If he hadn't been watched he'd had Central Park;
Stole a street car. the driver and all.
Then went up and took Tammany Hall,
Took a cop right off from his beat,
Stole all the man that were in Wall Street;
To steal the City Hall he often did wish,
He took the false teeth away from McNish;
He stole a house they had just finished building,
Took Bessie Turner from Theodore Tilton-
Into a school and nipped the teacher,
He'd had Elizabeth, too, if it wasn't for Beecher,
Stole some young folks that were playing backgammon.
Went to " The London" and stole Murphy and Shannon.
And still he was not satisfied,
The man that stole the country.

Our Jack's Come Home To-Day.

Our Jack's come home from sea to-day,
And brown and bronzed is he;
For many a years he's been away
From his home, his love and me;
Yet his heart is true as it was of old,
His spirits light and gay,
You little know the joy we felt
When he came home to day-
You little know the joy we felt
When he came home to-day.

Our Jack's come home to-dnv,
Our Jack's come home to-day;
The good ship Jane is in port again.
Our Jack's come home to-day.

Our Jack's come home from sea to-day,
And a jovial tar is he;
Full many a title of storm and gale
He recounts with careless glee,
And of sights he's seen in lands he'3 been
So strange, so far away
All danger's past, he's safe at last.
Our Jack's come home to-day-
All danger's past, he's safe at last.
Our Jack's come home to-day.-Chorus,

Our Jack's come home from sea to day
To make his Nell his bride;
With loving faith she's ne'er despaired,
Tho' all hope within us died;
Yet her eye grew dim, her cheek grew pale,
She slowly pined away,
But the lovely bloom's on her face again,
Her Jack's come home to-day-
But the lovely bloom's on her face again.
Her Jack's come home to day.-Chorus.
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