American Old Time Song Lyrics: 02 The Squire And Maria

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 2

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As sung by Ned Barry.

A Squire went a-court ing, a-courting of a maiden,
A maiden, young and handsome, the Squire he was old;
A Squire went a-courting, courting of a maiden,
The maiden she had golden hair, the Squire had the gold ;
He'd gold at his bankers, gold in every pocket.
His snuff-box eighteen carat, his cigar-case made of gold ;
The girl's name was Maria, and the rich old country Squire
Took a fancy to Maria-the truth it must be told.

Said the Squire to Maria, " Your charms I do admire.
You've set my heart on fire, I love you tho' I'm old;"
"Oh! Squire," said Maria, " you're something I require-"
She had one eye on the Squire, and the other on his gold.

The squire he was seventy, the maiden she was seventeen ­That's about the age, they say, that girls begin to love.
The Squire he was seventy, the maiden she was seventeen-
The Squire called Maria " His little turtle dove."
Now a young chap, called Joslah, was courting of Maria,
But never to the Squire, Maria ever told
How the doated on Josiah-for understand, Maria
Knew the rich old country Squire had a million pounds of gold.
Said the Squire to Maria, " Your charms I do admire, &c

The Squire said, " Maria, whatever you require
You shall have, dear Maria, if you'll name the wedding day."
The Squire thought to try her, Maria she was fly'er
Than the Squire or Josiah, so to him she d'd say:
The it may cause me sorrow, I'll marry you to-morrow,
A wedding dress I'll borrow," so the Squire she cajol'd;
Then the Squire gave Maria-he did her so admire-
An >rder on Squire for a million pounds of gold.
Said the Squire to Maria, "Your charms I do admire, &c

Next lay, in gay attire, Maria and the Squire
A parson did require, to make them into one;
Then home they did retire-Maria and the Squire,
But the Squire did expire in the middle of the fun.
Then Maria said, " Go wire a message to Josiah
And tell him that the Squire is defunct, and lying cold,"
And the next day young Josiah was married to Maria,
An< the festive gay Josiah got the million pounds of gold

Said Josiah to Maria, " You trottled that old Squire;"
Maria said, "Josiah, the Squire was too old;
Believe me, dear Josiah, I'm glad he did expire,
All 1 wanted from the Squire was his million pounds of gold."
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