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Young Sailor Lad

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The Young Sailor Lad

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Download Midi Download MP3
The Young Sailor Lad

I'm sorry I'm sorry my fortune's been bad
Sincc I've faun in love wi a young sailor lad
He courted me early both night and by day
And now he's gone and left me he's gone far away.

There was three curly locks in my laddie's black hair
His three curly locks did my poor heart ensnare
His red rosey cheeks and his dark rolling eyes
And his false flattering tongue did my poor heart entice.

But if it be a boy he shall fight for his King
An if it be a girl she shall wear a gold ring
Shall wear a gold ring all stamped in gold
An that'll let them know she's a young sailor bold.

A bunch o blue ribbons I'll lay up with care
To tie up the curls o my laddie's black hair
An when he comes home again I'll crown him wi joy
An' kiss the sweet lips o my young sailor boy.

Additional verse ( follows verse 2; also from
     Grieg-Duncan--Mrs Cruickshank):

Some of my comerades says I am beguiled
And some of my friends says that I am with child;
But I'll keep myself easy, let them say what they will
While there is blood in my veins I'll adore my love still.

note: A Scots sort-of version of If I Was a Blackbird. The first
     tune is a slight variant of Inniskillen Dragoon. RG

From the Grieg Duncan Folk Song Collection
Collected from Margaret Gillespie, 1905
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E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III