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Wreck of the Virginian Number 3

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The Wreck of the Virginian Number 3

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The Wreck of the Virginian Number 3
(Roy Harvey)

On one Thursday morning,
In the latter part of May,
Old Number 3 left Roanoke Station
It was on their fatal day.

The engineer's name was Aldridge
Happy he always did feel;
There with his young cheerful fireman
His name was Frank O'Neal.

Up through the Valley of Virginia
Over Allegheny Mountains so high,
But little did the men ever think of
That day in the cab they would die.

Dad Aldridge said to his fireman
Who was riding by his side,
"For twenty long years I've pulled this run
With Two Hundred and Twelve, my pride."

At Northcross they received their orders,
Eight-thirty-one it had to be;
For they were to take a siding
And meet eastbound Hundred and Three.

But they overlooked this order,
At the staton called Ingleside;
For they failed to take a siding
Side by side in the cab they both died.

The engine climbed up on the motor,
But she did not overturn,
With all the steam pipes broken
Twoo hundred pounds, they did burn.

Now railroad men take this warning,
Heed your orders well;
For how soon the Lord may call you
No human tongue can tell.

From Scalded to Death By the Steam, Lyle
note: Recorded by the North Carolina Ramblers.
Wreck occurred May 24, 1927
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