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Winnipeg Whore

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The Winnipeg Whore

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Download Midi Download MP3
The Winnipeg Whore

My first trip up the Saginaw River,
My first trip to the Canada   shore,
There I met sweet Rosie O'Grady,
Better known as the Winnipeg Whore.

"Come right in, I'm glad to see you,
Slap your ass across my knee,
We will have some fun together,
Dollar and a half will be my fee."

Some were dancin', some were prancin',
Some lay drunk on the barroom floor,
But there I was in the northeast corner,
Screwin' hell out of the Winnipeg Whore.

Then, in there walked some sons 'a' bitches,
Must have been a score or more,
Oughta seen me s*** my britches,
Slidin' my ass out the whorehouse door.

Recorded by Oscar Brand
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