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William Grismond

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William Grismond

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Download Midi Download MP3
William Grismond

O come you willful young men and hear what I shall tell,
My name is William Grismond at Lainterdine did dwell.
O there I did a murder as it is known full well,
And for my offence I shall die, I shall die
And for my offence I shall die.

There was a neighbour's daughter that lived me hard by;
Whom I had promised marriage and with her I did lie
I did dissemble with her my lust to satisfy
And for my offence I shall die

I had my pleasure on her, I had my lewd desire
The using of her body was that I did require
I was o'ercome and snared by him that is a liar
And for my offence I shall die

She claimed of me marriage and said she was with child
Saying, "Marry me sweet William now you have me defiled
If you do now forsake me, I utterly am spoiled
And for my offence I shall die."

In flattering sort I brought her into the field of broom
And when we both together into the field were come
I had my pleasure with her and then I was her doom
And for my offence I shall die

Then in the broom I killed her with my accursed knife
There hatefully I killed her who loved me as her life
I cut her throat,  I killed her who should have been my wife
And for my offence I shall die.

from Seeds of Love, Sedley
  Note: William Grismond's Downfall
     or A Lamentable Murther by him Committed at Lainterdine in
     the county of Hereford on March 12 1650: Together with his
     lamentation. To the tune of Where is my Love. from  17th
     century broadside.
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