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Wife Wrapt in Wethers Skin

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The Wife Wrapt in Wether's Skin

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The Wife Wrapt in Wether's Skin

There was a man lived in the west
     Dan-doo, Dan-doo
There was a man lived in the west
     Dan-doo dan-doo-ah
There was a man lived in the west
Who had a wife that was none of the best
     Ram jam gil-li-am, Dan-doo-ah

When this man came in from his plough
Says, "Have you got my breakfast now?

She put a cold slice upon the shelf
If you want anymore you must get it yourself

The man went out to his sheep-fold
And caught a wether tough and old

He threw the skin round his wife's back
And that old sheep's hide he did whack

His wife cried out unto his kin
He's beating me on my bare skin

The man he grinned and he replied
I'm only tanning my old sheep's hide.

Child #227
From 80 English Folk Songs, Sharp
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