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Wicked Polly (2)

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Wicked Polly (2)





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Wicked Polly (2)

Young people who delight in sin
I'll tell you what has lately been,
A lady who was young and fair
She died in sin and sad despair

She'd go to frolics, dance an' play,
In spite of all her friends could say,
I'll turn to God when I git old,
An' He will then receive my soul.

One Friday she was taken ill,
Her stubborn heart begun to yield,
Oh mother dear, do pray for me
for I am lost eternally.

My earthly father, fare thee well,
You're bound for heaven an' me for hell,
When I am gone remember well
Your wicked daughter screams in hell.

Young people all, with one accord,
Take warnin' at my dyin'word,
That you may escape them hellish flames
While I am doomed to endless pain.

She knowed her fate before she died,
She wrang her hands, she screamed an' cried,
The flamin' wrath begins for to roll,
I am a lost an' a ruint soul.

From Ozark Folksongs, Randolph
Collected from Betty Turner, OK 1911
DT #646
Laws H6
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