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What Means Noo a the Young Men

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What Means Noo a' the Young Men?

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What Means Noo a' the Young Men?

What means noo a' the young men that do the lasses slight?
The half o' that wid sair them, they wid consider right.
They'll snuff ands smoke tobacco, it's nae sae easy got,
Likewise a' other vanities, a double breistit coat.

They maun hae their pump shoes jist newly come frae France,
An' nackets in their pocketies, to reesle fan they dance;
Although their sark be tweedled cotton, a linen neck abeen
A ribbon black gaes roon their hat and wow but fa's like them!

They'll tak ye to a tavern, and call a herty pint
And they'll tak oot a snuff-box wi' a siller joint;
They'll curse an' they'll swear by the nations all abroad
That they couyld kiss their wedded wife upon the walking road.

But then when they get mairrit, oh then comes the sorrow.
The hoosie it's too big, an' the siller it's to borrow;
They'll pit ye in a ricky hoose, an' lat ye drink your fill;
So, lassie, gin ye brew weel, ye'll drink the better ale.

From The Grieg-Duncan Folk Song Collection, Shuldam-Shaw et al.
Tune is reported as "Sheffield Apprentice"
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