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Were Gayly Yet

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We're Gayly Yet

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We're Gayly Yet

[Chorus 1st, to first part of tune]

We're gayly yet, and we're gayly yet
And we's not very fow but we're gayly yet,
Then sit ye a while and tipple a bit
For we's not very fow but we're gayly yet

There was a Lad and they cau'd him Dickey
He ga' me a Kiss and I bit his Lippy
Then under my Apron he shaw'd me a Trick
And we's no very fow but we're gayly yet
       And we're gayly yet etc.

There were three Lads and they were clad
There were three Lasses and them they had
Three Tree in the Orchard are newly sprung
And we's a git geer enough we're but young
       And we're gayly yet etc..

[to 2nd part of tune]

Then up went Ailey Ailey up went Ailey now
Then up with Aily Quo Crumma, we's a get Roaring fow
And one kiss'd in the Barn, another was kiss'd on the Green,
And t'other behind the Pease Stack, 'till the Mow flew up to her
Then up went Ailey, etc..

Now fye John Thompson run
Gin ever ye run in your life
De'el gat ye but hye my dear Jack
There's a Mon got to Bed with your Wife
       Then up went Ailey etc..

Then away John Thompson run
And Agad he ran with Speed
But before he had run his length
The false Loon had done the deed
       Then up went Ailey etc..

End with the first Verse [to 1st part of tune]

   This is from a single sheet song with music, c 1745, in the
Library of Congress. We don't know exactly when or where James
('Jack') Beard sang the song. The song was later printed in
several books, mostly without the tune, but with it in <<The
Musical Miscellany>>, p. 288, Perth, 1786, and <<Calliope, or The
Vocal Enchantress>>, p. 466-7, London and Edinburgh, 1788. The
tune also appeared in a few country dance music collections. The
tune is a version of "Up with Aley, etc.," in <<A Choice Collection
of 180 Loyal Songs>>, 3rd edit., p. 117, 1685. The song is
obviously two short songs strung together, and there is
perhaps some early evidence for one of them. The cuckolding of
John Thompson mentioned is the second part seems to have been
known in 1694. A manuscript of about 1715, NLS MS Adv. 23.3.24,
contains an epitaph mentioning his cuckold's horns:

Ane Satyrick Epitaph to Daniel Nicolson who was hang'd for
makeing use of a forgerd paper And for adultrie with Mistress
Pringle on the 14 febr 1694. Mistress Pringle being beheaded the
same day in the Grassmarket.

The Lords of Justice by a Trick
Have Lately hang'd the ablest prick
               Was ever born
Had he been Left alive they fear'd
That others heads he might have rear'd
               John Thomsons horn
Now Pluto tye thy garters fast
Else thou most wear the horns at last
                  If Daniel mingle
With Proserpine And Let her know
But half the vigour he did show
            To Mistress Pringle
Sung by Mr. Beard
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