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When Adam was created,
He dwelt in Eden's shade,
As Moses has related,
Before a bride was made;

Ten thousand times ten thousand
Things wheel-ed all around,
Before a bride was form-ed,
Or yet a mate was found.

He had no consolation,
But seemed as one alone,
Till, to his admiration,
He found he'd lost a bone.

This woman was not taken
From Adam's head, we know;
And she must not rule o'er him,
It's evidently so.

This woman she was taken
From near to Adam's heart,
By which we are directed
That they should never part.

The book that's called the Bible,
Be sure you don't neglect;
For in every sense of duty,
It will you both direct.

The woman is commanded
To do her husband's will,
ln everything that's lawful,
Her duty to fulfill.

Great was his exultation,
To see her by his side;
Great was his elevation,
To have a loving bride.

This woman she was taken
From under Adam's arm,
And she must be protected
From injury and harm.

This woman was not taken
From Adam's feet, we see;
And she must not be abus-ed,
The meaning seems to be.

The husband is commanded
To love his loving bride;
And live as does a Christian,
And for his house provide.

The woman ls commanded
Her husband to obey,
In everything that's lawful,
Until her dying day.

Avoiding all offenses,
Not sow the seeds of strife-
These are the solemn duties
Of every man and wife.

From White Spirituals of the Southern Uplands, Jackson

E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III