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Weavers Life

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Weaver's Life

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Weaver's Life
(Tune, Charles Davies Tillman, words Dorsey Dixon)

Weaver's life is like an engine coming round a mountain steep
We have our ups and downs a-plenty, and at night we cannot sleep
Very often flag your fixer when his head is bending low
You may think that he is loafing, but he is doing all he knows

   Soon we'll end this life of weaving
   Soon we'll reach a better shore
   Where we'll rest from filling batteries
   We will have to weave no more

Very often meet a partner who would like to learn to weave
And we feel it is our duty, we are bound to believe
Show him all about those breakouts,
  for he will have them by the score
When the conversation's over, he will want to weave no more

Very often have a breakout that will surely make you sweat
If you're feeling blue and drowsy, they will almost make you quit
Very often have a headache when our looms are running bad
When we've ground and snagged the lever,
  you can bet your life we're mad

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