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Weathered Old Caboose Behind the Train

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The Weathered Old Caboose Behind the Train

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The Weathered Old Caboose Behind the Train
(Norman Blake)

Oh I'd go back on the L&N and on the Southern too
If I only had my way again
I would ride that Seaboard Airline and Atlantic Coastline too
You would never hear me grumble or complain
I would ride that Georgia Southern and Florida railroad line
The Swanee River Route they called it too
I would travel down from Macon over to St Augustine
By the great Atlantic Ocean waves so blue

Cho: I am getting old and feeble and I cannot work no more
     I've been out in the sunshine and the rain
     And the only friend that's left now is this watch and chain of mine
     And the weathered old caboose behind the train

It's the C&O and TP, the NC and St L
I've rode the Queen and Crescent and the Sunshine Special too
The New Orleans and North Eastern on down that Vicksburg route
Yes I've rode them all and many more it's true
I have seen the Katy Flyer from Texas to KC
The Red Ball freights beneath the prairie sky
And the dazzling scarlet Katy herald of the MKT
The Missouri Kansas Texas flashing by

I have seen the fields and farm lands, the skyscrapers of Fort Worth
Come in sight of the engine's heading crew
And the MKT Bluebonnet southbound down that Texas line
On to Dallas now a-faster rollin' through
And the Rocky Mountain Rocket on the Rock Island Line
The Burlington-Denver Zephyr train
Towards the Queen City shining like silver in the sun
Where majestic mountains meet the windswept plain
Published Blake and Blake Music
Words: Norman Blake. Tune traditional: 'Little Old Log Cabin in the
Lane'/'Another Fall of Rain'/'Little Joe the Wrangler' family.

Source: Norman Blake 'Chattanooga Sugar Babe' Shanachie 6027 (1998)

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