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Way Down in Dixie

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Way Down in Dixie

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Way Down in Dixie

   'Way down in Dixie!
'Way down in Dixie where the cotton grows,
   Sing a song, blow along, O-O-O!

   'Way down in Dixie!
'Way down in Dixie, oh, I had a gal,
   Sing a song, blow along, O-O-O!

Her name it was Fore-tops'l Nell,

She was so dark she broke me heart,

She had black eyes an' a lovely nose,

Oh, around the world l had to sail.

But l'm as tough as a six-inch nail.
When l got back, she'd done me down.

She'd ran off wid a circus clown.

If I could cotch that thievin' [sneakin'] tyke.

I'd give him one wid a marline-spike.

But I left her there an' sailed away.

From Shanties from the Seven Seas, Hugill
note: halyard shanty
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