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Wasnt that a Time

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Wasn't that a Time


Wasn't that a Time
(Lee Hays and William Lowenfels)

Our fathers bled at Valley Forge
The snow was red with blood,
Their faith was warm at Valley Forge
Their faith was brotherhood.

cho: Wasn't that a time
     Wasn't that a time
     A time to try the soul of man
     Wasn't that a terrible time?

Brave men who fought at Gettysburg
Now lie in soldiers' graves
But there they stemmed the rebel tide
And there the faith was saved.

Informers took their Judas pay
To tell their sorry tale,
The gangs in Congress had their way
And free sould went to jail.

How many times we've gone to kill
In freedom's holy name
And childrten died to save the pride
Of rulers withoput shame.

Our faith cries out. We have no fear!
We dare to reach our hands
To all our neighbors far and near,
To friends in every land.

last chorus
     Isn't this a time, isn't this a time
     A time to free the soul of man!
     Isn't this a wonderful time?
     Isn't this a wonderful time?

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