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Wars of Germany

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The Wars of Germany

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Download Midi Download MP3
The Wars of Germany

Oh, woe be to the orders that marched my love away,
And woe be  to the cruel cause that makes my tears downfall;
Oh, woe be to the cruel wars of high Germany
For they have ta'en my love and left a broken heart to me.

The drums beat In the morning before the screeck of day
And the wee, wee fifes played loud and shrill while yet the morn was gray;
And the bonnie flags were all unfurled, a gallant sight to see,
But woe's me to my soldier lad that's gone to Germany.

Oh, hard, hard is the travellin' to the bonnie pier o' Leith,
And sad it is to go there with the snowdrift in the teeth!
And oh! the cold wind froze the tears that gathered in my e'e,
When I went there to see my love embark for Germany.

I looked out o 'er the broad blue sea as could be seen,
A wee bit sail upon the ship my soldier lad was in,
But the wind was blowing sharp and cold and the ship sailed speedily ,
And the waves and cruel wars have twined my winsome love from me.

Note: twined -  separated
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