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War Song (2)

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A War Song (2)

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A War Song (2)

Hark, hark, the sound of war is heard,
And we must all attend
Take up our arms and go with speed,
Our country to defend.
Our parent state has turned our foe,
Which fills our land with pain;
Her gallant ships, manned out for war,
Come thundering o'er the main.

There' s Carleton, Howe, and Clinton, too,
And many thousands more,
May cross the sea, but all in vain
Our rights we'll ne'er give o'er.
Our pleasant homes they do invade,
Our property devour;
And all because we won't submit
To their despotic power.

Husbands must leave their loving wives
And sprightly youths attend,
Leave their sweethearts and risk their lives
Their country to defend.
May they be heroes in the field
Have heroes' fame in store;
We pray the Lord to be their shield
Where thundering cannons roar.
From Songbook of the American Revolution, Rabson
tune: Portsmouth
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