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Walk in the Light

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Walk in the Light

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Walk in the Light
(Sydney Carter)

There's a light that was shining when the world began,
And a light that is shining in the heart of a man,
There's a light that is shining in the Turk and the Jew,
And a light that is shining, friend,in me and in you.

cho: Walk in the light, wherever you may be.
  Walk in the light, wherever you may be.
  In my old leather jacket and my shaggy, shaggy locks,
  I am walking in the glory of the light, said Fox.

With a book and a steeple and a bell and a key
They would bind it forever, but they can't, said he.
Oh the book, it will perish and the steeple will fall,
But the light will be shining at the end of it all.

"Will you swear on the Bible?" "I will not," said he, "
For the truth is as holy as the book to me." "
If we give you a pistol will you fight for the Lord?"
"You can't kill the devil with a gun or a sword."


"There's an ocean of darkness and I drowned in the night, '
Til I came through the darkness to the ocean of light.
And the light is forever and the light will be free,
And I'll walk in the glory of the light" said he.
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