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Wad Ye Do that

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Wad Ye Do that

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Wad Ye Do that

Gude wife, when your gudeman's frae hame,
Micht I but be sae bold,
As come tae your bed chamber
When winter nichts are cold?
     As come tae your bed chamber
     Wan nichts are cold an' wat
     And lie in your gudeman's stead
     Wad ye do that?

Young man, an ye should be so kind
When our gudeman's frae hame,
As come to my bed chamber
Where I am laid my lane;
     And lie in our gudeman's stead
     I will tell you what,
     He f***s me five times ilka night
     Wad ye do that?

From Merry Muses of Caledonia, Burns
Collected by Robert Burns
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