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W.P. and A

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The W.P. and A

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The W.P. and a

Where did you get that pretty dress,
All so bright and gay?
I got it from my loving man
On the W. P. and A.

cho: On W.P. and A.
     On W.P. and A.
     I got it from my loving man
     On the W. P. and A.

I asked for credit at the store,
The man he said OK
He know'd darn well I had a job

I said hello to my best friend
But nothing would he say.
I seen right then he'd tried to get

I asked a man if he would help
Me stack a little hay,
He said, "You go and hang yourself

Farewell to hoeing in the corn
Goodbye cutting hay
I'd rather go and make my dough

Don't plant no corn, don't raise no crop
I tell you, it don't pay
Come join our happy, merry crew

When I die just dig a hole
Way down beneath the clay.
And tell them all I killed myself
On W. P. and A.

From Traditional American Folk Songs, Anne and Frank Warner
Collected from Frank Proffitt
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