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Venezuela (Oil of)

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Venezuela (Oil of)

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Venezuela (Oil of)

I met him in Venezuela,
Down from the U.S.A.,
And why hee was there he would not say,
But he sure wasn't there to pass away,
To pass away the time in Venezuela,
Pass away the time in Venezuela.

He paid ready cash for the army of Venezuela,
For the Police and Cabinet too;
I saw him do what he'd come to do,
With all the tricks I knew he knew,
To get all the oil out of Venezuela
To get Standard Oil the oil of Venezuela.

And when the tankers were sailing out so sea,
Were sailing out to sea,
And he was taking leave of me,
I said, "Watch out, there'h always be
Venezuelans in Venezuela,
Who thinks that the oil belongs to Venezuela.

They dumped the chump in a sump in Venezuela,
That free-enterprising Yank,
He sputtered and spattered and splashed as he sank,
And their laugh wih outlast the Chase National Bank;
He's still stuck down there in Venezuela.
Unless he's drunk all the oil in Venezuela.
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