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True Lovers Departure

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The True Lovers' Departure

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The True Lovers' Departure

Come all you loyal lovers that's locked in Cupid's chain
Till I tell you of a couple that's sported on you plain
She with her true love Willie as they did sport and play
The press-guards came upon them and pressed her love away.

My life I'll freely venture for this bold hero   brave,
Intending to become his wife, or the seas to be my grave."
But when she got unto the quay the ship was at full sail,
She waved unto the captain to turn her back agaln.

The captain came with heart and hand this noble youth to see,
Still thinking he was coming on board, commander for to be.
And when she got him to the quay, she locked him in a shed,
And she began to inquire at him if he knew such a maid;

When he heard his true love's name, the tears came down like rain,
She says, "Hold your tongue, my darling, for I'm the very same."
Betwixt her love and duty she dragg-ed him along;
She says,"I will confine you in some prison strong,

"You robbed me of my stores," she said, "I'Il try you for your life."
He says, "Good my lord, I ne'er robbed in all my life."
Then with ten thousand kisses and with ten thousand charms,
And with as many more he embraced her his arms.

"What brought you to the seas, my girl, to venture your sweet life?"
"I'll venture life and fortune all for to be your wife."
"What brought you to the seas, my girl, to venture your sweet life?"
And off to church they marched and he made her his wife.

From Songs of the People, Henry
Laws N15
DT #803
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