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Sweet Rosy OGrady

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Sweet Rosy O'Grady

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Sweet Rosy O'Grady
(Maude Nugent)

Down around the corner of the street where I reside,
There lives the cutest little girl that I have ever spied.
Her name is Rose O' Grady and I don't mind telling you
That she's the sweetest little rose this garden ever grew

cho: Sweet Rosie O' Grady,
     My dear little Rose.
     She's my steady lady,
     Most ev 'ryone knows;
     And when we are married,
     How happy we'll be;
     I love Sweet Rosie O' Grady and
     Rosie O' Grady loves me.

I never shall forget the day she promised to be mine
As we sat telling love-tales in the goldedn summertime
'Twas on her finger then I placd a small engagement ring
While in the trees, the little birds, this song they seemed to sing:

Copyright 1896
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