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Swede From North Dakota

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The Swede From North Dakota

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The Swede From North Dakota

I bane a Swede from Nort' Dakota
Work on a farmstead 'bout two yare
Tank I go to Minnesota
Go to Mi nneapolis to see great fair.

Walkin' 'round the stetreet in Saint Paul
Ain't seen no feller anywhere
So I yump on  streetcar to Minneapolis
Bet your life lots Swede men there.

I buy me a suit, I buy me a bottle
Dress me up way out of sight,
Yunp on  the tail of a Yim Hill wagon
Yesus Christ! I feel for fight!

I go down to Seven Corners,
Where Salvation Army play,
One dem  vomans come to me
This is what dat voman say:

She say, "Will you work for Yesus?"
I say, "How much Yesus pay?"
She say, "Yesus don't pay nothing"
I say, "I won't work today."

So I go back to North Dakota
Get a yob on  farm somewhere,
And I say to all Swede fellers
Dey can go to hell with de  big State Fair.

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