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Sup of Good Whiskey

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A Sup of Good Whiskey

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Download Midi Download MP3
A Sup of Good Whiskey

A sup of good whiskey will make you glad;
Too much of the creature will set you mad;
If you take it in reason 'twill make you wise
If you drink to excess it will close your eyes;
Yet father and mother,
And sister and brother,
They all take a sup in their turn.

Some preachers will tell you, to drink is bad;
I think so too - if there's none to be had:
The swaddler will bid you drink none at all,
But, while I can get it, a fig for them all;
Both layman and brother,
In spite of this pother,
Will all take a sup in their turn.

Some doctors will tell you 'twill hurt your health,
And Justice will say 'twill reduce your wealth;
Physicians and lawyers both do agree,
When your money's all gone, they can get no fee;
Yet surgeon and doctor,
And lawyer and proctor,
Will all take a sup in their turn.

If a soldier is drunk on his duty found,
He to the three-legged horse is bound,
In the face of his regiment obliged to strip;
But a noggin will soften the nine-tailed whip!
For serjeant and drummer,
And likewise his honor,
Will all take a sup in their turn.

The Turks who arrived from the Porte Sublime,
All told us that drinking was held a great crime;
Yet, after their diner, away they slunk,
And tippled their wine till they got quite drunk:
The sultan and Crommet,
And even Mahomet,
They all take a sup in their turn.

The Quakers will bid you from drink abstain,
By yea and nay, 'tis a fault in the vain;
Yet some of the broad-brims will get to the stuff,
And tipple away till they've had enough;
For Stiff-rump and Steady,
And Solomon's lady,
Will all take a sup in their turn.

The Germans do say they can drink the most,
The French and Italians also do boast;
Hibernia's the country (for all their noise)
For generous drinking and hearty boys;
There each jovial fellow
Will drink till he's mellow,
And take off his glass in his turn.

Song here is from 'The Universal Songster', II, 1826. Patrick
Galvin sang this to "The Irish Washerwoman", IRISHWSH in
DT. Song and music were published in 1795.
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