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Starvation Blues

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Starvation Blues

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Starvation Blues
(Big Bill and Thomps)

Starvation in my kitchen, rent sign's on my do', (2x)
An' if I look down, stranger, can't see you at my home no mo'.

An' I got up this mornin'just ahout the dawn of day, (2x)
Then I ain' got no job, I ain' got no place to stay.

Lawd, I walked in a sto', I ain' got a dime, (2x)
I say, "A dime neckbones, " and the clerk don' pay me no min'

Lawd,  Lawd,  Lawd,  Lawd,  Lawd, Lawd,  Lawd,  Lawd,  Lawd
Lawd,  Lawd,  mama,  some ol' rainy day,
Me an' my luck gwine change an' I don' want to he treated thisaway.

From Broadway record 5072A
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