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Single Girl

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The Single Girl

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The Single Girl

When I was single, went dressed all so fine,
Now I am married, go ragged all the time.

     I wish I was a single girl again, O Lord
     I wish I was a single girl again.

When I was single, my shoes did screak
Now I am married, my shoes they do leak.

Three little babes crying for bread
With none to give them, I'd rather be dead.

One a-crying, "Mama, I want a piece of bread."
One a-crying, "Mama, I want to go to bed."

Wash them little feet and out them to bed
Along comes a drunkard and wishes they were dead.

Wash their little feet and send them to school
Along comes a drunkard and calls them a fool.

When he comes in it's a curse and a row
Knocking down the children and pulling out my hair.

Dishes to wash, springs to go to
When you are married, you've all to do.

Supper to get, the cows to milk
Them blamed little children is all crying yet.

From English Folk Songs in the Southern Appalachians, Sharp
Collected from Mrs. Ellie Johnson, NC, 1916
note: a more bitter version than most RG
DT #848
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