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Shorty George

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Shorty George

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Shorty George

Well-a, Shorty George, he ain't no friend of mine,
Well-a, Shorty Geor@e, he ain't no friend of mine,
He's taken all the women and left the men behind.

Well, my papa died when I was just a lad
My papa died when I was just a lad,
And ever since that day, I been to the bad.

Got a letter from my baby, couldn't read from crying, (2x)
She said my mama weren't dead yet but she was slowly dying.

Well,I took my mama to the burying ground, (2x)
I never knowed I loved her till the coffin sound.

Yes, I went down to the graveyard,  peeped in my mama's face, (2x)
Ain't it hard to see you in this lonesome place ?"

Note: Shorty George was the train that brought visitors to
     -and from- the state penitentiary.
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