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She Was a Rum One

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She Was a Rum One

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She Was a Rum One

As I strolled out one clear moonlight
One clear moonlight in winter
It was there I met a pretty fair maid
And I fell in behind her

cho: She was a rom one
     But a bonny one

She walk-ed up and she walk-ed down
And I kept close behind her
And I asked of her the reason why
That she could'na step no wider

Go away, go away, you foolish young man
And stop such foolish talking
For it does not suit young men, she said
To pick up young women's walking

I am a chlochter to my trade
My friends they call me rare-o
If you'll tell me where your trouble lies
I'II clean you nate and fair-o

My trouble lies between my thighs
And e'er it is abidin'
It tickles me baith night and day
And it keeps me from my stridin'

He laid her down upon a bank
Till he provided the plaster
She jump-ed up upon her feet
And she walk-ed all the faster

She's gi'ed to me my winter's beef
Besides my winter's fuellin'
Far better than that she's gi'ed to me
Was a stable for my stallion

From Folksongs of Britain and Ireland, Kennedy
Collected from David Stewart, 1956
Recorded by Norman Kennedy
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