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Shannon and Chesapeake

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Shannon and Chesapeake

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Shannon and Chesapeake

The Chesapeake so bold out of Boston we've been told
Came to take the British frigate neat and handy, O.
All the people of the port they came out to see the sport,
And the bands were playing "Yankee doodle dandy, O."

The British frigate's name which for the purpose came
Of cooling Yankee courage neat and handy, O,
Was the Shannon-Captain Broke. AII her crew were hearts of oak
And at fighting they're allowed to be the dandy, O.

Now be6ore the fight begun the Yankees with much fun
Said they'd take the British frigate neat and handy, O;
And after that they'd dine, treat their sweethearts all with wine,
And the band should play up "Yankee Doodle Dandy, O."

We no sooner had begun than from their guns they run,
Though before they thought they worked 'em neat and handy, O.
Brave Broke he waved his sword, crying, "Now, my Iads, we'll board,
And we'll stop their playing "Yankee Doodle Dandy, O."

We no sooner heard the word than we all jumped aboard,
And tore down the colours neat and handy, O;
Notwithstanding all their brag o'er the glorious British flag,
At the Yankee mizen-peak it looked the dandy, O.

Here's a health to Captain Broke and all the hearts of oak
That took the Yankee frigate neat and handy, O;
And may we always prove that in fighting and in love
The true British sailor is the dandy, O.

note: A British parody of the Constitution and the Guerriere (DT 362)
DT #398
Laws J20
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