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Shallow Brown 2

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Shallow Brown 2

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Shallow Brown 2

Oh! it's shallow in the morning,
Shallow, shallow brown!
Just before the day is dawning,
Shallow, shallow brown!

Shallow brown's a bright mulatter,
And she hails from Cincinatter!

Come and put me clothes in order,
For me packet sails tomorrow!

I am bound away to leave ye,
And and never will deceive ye.

How I long to look upon ye,
And to spend me money on ye.

Oh, me packet sails tomorrow,
And I'll leave ye with much sorrow.

In the cradle lies me baby,
I don't want no other lady.

To leave my wife & baby grieves me,
`tis a pain for me to leave ye.

Be up on the pier to greet me,
With fond kisses I will greet thee.

Oh, we're goin' away tomorrow,
Bound away tomorrow.

Tune from Roll and Go, Colcord
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