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Seven Long Years

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Seven Long Years

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Seven Long Years

Seven long years I've been bound to my trade
In one more I'll be free,
I belong to that jovial crew,
And no one cares for me.
     I'll romp and I'll rove, and I'll call for my bode
     They may all say what they will;
     Resolved that I am, just as long as I can
     for to drink good liquor still

I have a good old father at home,
And I've cost him many a pound,
And now to make amends for this,
I'll travel the whole world round.
     I have a good old mother at home,
     I've caused her a many a tear,
     And now to make amends for this,
     I'll travel far and near.

I have a good little sister at home,
And she gave me a good piece of advice,
Said for me to stay with my kind old parents
And to marry me a pretty little wife.
     I have a good little sweetheart at home,
     She gave me a broad piece of gold;
     It'll neither buy me a house nor a home,
     Nor save my soul from hell;
     It'll only buy me a full flowing bowl,
     That the ladies may drink their fill.

From English Folk Songs in the Southern Appalachians, Sharp
Collected from Mrs. Moore, GA 1929
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