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Sally Brown 2

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Sally Brown 2

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Sally Brown 2

Oh Sally Brown she's a creole lady,
 (Way hey roll and go,)
Sally Brown's a gay old lady,
 (Spent my money on Sally Brown.)

Oh Sally Brown she has a daughter,
Sent me sailing 'cross the water,

Oh seven long years I courted Sally,
Then she said she would not marry,

She wouldn't have no tarry sailor,
Wouldn't have no greasy whaler,

Oh Sally Brown I'm bound to leave you,
Sally Brown I'll not deceive you,

Oh Sally Brown, she took a notion,
Sent me sailing 'cross the ocean,

From "Sailing and Whaling Songs" by Paul Clayton
note: An aging mariner who had sailed on the flying-P ships remembered only:

     Oh Sally Brown I love your daughter
     I love the place she makes her water.

He said it went downhill from there.RG

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