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Sae Far Awa

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Sae Far Awa

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Sae Far Awa
(Robert Burns)

O, sad and heavy should I part
   But for her sake sae far awa,
Unknowing what my way may thwart-
   My native land sae far awa,

Thou that of a' things Maker art,
   That formed this Fair sae far awa
Gie body strength, then I'll ne'er start
  At this my way sae Far awa!

How true is love to pure desert!
   So love to her sae far awa,
And nocht shall heal my bosom's smart
   While, Oh, she is sae far awa!

Nane other love, nane other dart
   I feel, but hers sae far awa;
But fairer never touch'd a heart
   Than hers, the fair sae far awa

Tune: Sae far awa (572)
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