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Rolling Hills of the Border

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The Rolling Hills of the Border

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The Rolling Hills of the Border
(Matt McGinn)

   When I die, bury me low
   Where I can hear the bonny Tweed flow;
   A sweeter place I never did know,
   The rolling hills of the border.

1. I've traveled far, wandered wide,
   I've seen the Hudson and the Clyde,
   I've courted by Loch Lomond's side,
   But I dearly love the border.

2. Well do I have mind of the day,
   With my lassie I strolled by the Tay,
   But all these beauties fade away,
   Among the hills of the border.

3. There's a certain peace of mind
   Bonnie lassies there you'll find
   Men so sturdy, yet so kind,
   Among the hills of the border.
   From  the version found on Five Days Singing,  The New  Golden
   Ring Vol. 1 FSI-42

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