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Roll Alabama Roll

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Roll Alabama Roll

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Download Midi Download MP3
Roll Alabama Roll

When the Alabama's keel was laid
  Roll, Alabama, Roll
It was laid in the yards of Jonathan Laird
  O roll, Alabama, roll

It was laid in the yards of Jonathan Laird
It was laid in the town of Birkenhead

Down Mersey way she sailed then
Liverpool fitted her with guns and men

Down mersey way she sailed forth
To destroy the commerce of the North

To Cherbourg harbor she sailed one day
To collect her share of the prize money

And many a sailor saw his doom
When the Yankee Kearsage hove into view

A shot from the forward pivot that day
Blew the Alabama's steering gear away

Off the three mile limit in sixty-four
She sank to the bottom of the ocean floor

note: tune ROLLALAB from Shanties of the Seven Seas, Hugill
      tune ROLLALB2 is more commonly sung. source? RG
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