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Rich Man and the Poor Man

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The Rich Man and the Poor Man

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The Rich Man and the Poor Man

There was a rich man and he lived in Jerusalem,
     Glory, hallelujah hi-ro-je-rum
He wore a silk hat and his coat was very sprucium,
     Glory hallelujah hi-ro-je-rum.

cho: Hi-ro-je-rum,  hi-ro-je-rum,
     Skinamalinkadoolium        .
     Glory hallelujah hi-ro-je-rum.

And at his gate there sat a human wreckium
He wore a bowler hat and the rim was round his neckium,

That poor man asked for a piece of bread and cheesium,
The rich man answered, "I'll call for a policeium"

The poor man died and his soul went to heavium,
And he danced with the saints 'til quarter past ellevium,

And there he dwelt in Abraham's bosium,
Fraternizing there with scores of other Jewseum.

The rich man died but he didn't fare so wellium
He couldn't go to heaven so he had to go to hellium,

The rich man asked for to have a consolium,
The devil only answered, "Come shovel on the coalium. "

The moral of this story is that riches are no jokium,
We will all go to heaven because we are stony brokium.
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