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Ribald Rebels Song (Fight for Liberation)

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The Ribald Rebel's Song (Fight for Liberation)

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The Ribald Rebel's Song (Fight for Liberation)

In the draft board here we sit
Covered o'er with Nixon's s***
While our sweat is turning Agnew's filthy mill
And the people, as they pass
They jam Melvin up our ass
Well I guess we've had our goddam f***ing fill

Cho: Fight, fight, fight for liberation
     Break, break, break the social scheme
     We will drag the bastards down
     And we'll grind 'em in the ground
     And replace them with a working class regime

Then we'll send a firing squad
After Cardinal Spellman's God
Henry Kissinger will be the next in line
Then we'll pump some LSD
Into Jackie Kennedy
And we'll make her f*** the workers overtime

Then we'll get a bloody rope
And we'll hang the f***in' pope
And we'll burn the Sistine Chapel to the ground
Then we'll turn our tommy-guns
On the screaming, ravished nuns
And the peoples' voice will be the only sound
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