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Rattlin Roarin Willie

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Rattlin Roarin Willie

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Rattlin Roarin Willie
(Robert Burns)

 O, rattlin, roarin Willie,
   O, he held to the fair,
An for to sell his fiddle
  An buy some other ware;
But parting wi' his fiddle,
   The saut tear blin't his e'e-
And rattlin, roarin Willie,
  Ye're welcome hame to me.

O Willie, come sell your fiddle,
   O, sell your fiddle sae fine!
O Willie, come sell your fiddle,
  And buy a pint o wine!
If I should sell my fiddle,
  The warl' would think I was mad;
For monie a rantin day
  My fiddle an I hae had.

As I cam by Crochallan,
   I cannilie keekit ben;
Rattlin, roaring Willie,
   Was sittin at yon boord-en';
Sitting at yon boord-en',
  And amang guid companie;
Rattlin, roarin Willie,
  Ye're welcome hame to me.

tune: Rattlin, roarin Willie (216)
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